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General Information of Fuzhou University

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Fuzhou University, founded in 1958, is located in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province. It is listed among the National Key Universities and Colleges of Project 211, which is jointly run by the Fujian Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education of China. Fuzhou University boasts of its diverse disciplines in sciences, engineering, economics, management, liberal arts, laws, arts and crafts, etc. with engineering and sciences as the major disciplines. Now it owns 1 national key discipline, 1 national key (cultivating) discipline, 5 provincial preponderant discipline innovation platforms, 6 provincial characteristic key disciplines, and 26 provincial key disciplines. Its disciplines of chemistry, engineering and material science are rated among the world’s 1% disciplines by ESI (Essential Science Indicators). Fuzhou University has 11 postdoctoral research stations, 10 doctor programs of first-level disciplines, 36 master programs of first-level disciplines, 12 programs authorized of conferring professional degree, and 78 bachelor programs.

There are 3205 teaching and administration staff members, among whom are 1981 full-time teachers. The university has 6 academicians including 5 double employed academicians, 1 academician of Eurasian Academy, 1 academician of Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences, 1 national outstanding professional and technical talent, one chief scientist of the National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), 12 members of Thousand Talents Program at national level, 3 members of National Ten Thousand Talents Program, 5 distinguished professors of Yangtze River Scholar Program, 8 awardees of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, and 8 members of Hundred-Thousand-Ten Thousand Talents Program at the national level. 5 teachers have been granted the honorary title of National Young and Middle-aged Experts with Remarkable Contributions, and 2 teachers have gained funds from National Science Fund for Outstanding Youth. 1 team has been honored as one the advanced groups of National Professional and Technical Talents, 2 teams have been included into the Yangtse River Scholars and Innovation Team Development Program of the Ministry of Education, and 1 team has been elected as one of the innovative teams of Innovative Talents Promotion Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology in key fields. Moreover, Fuzhou University has been granted as one of the pilot units of College Internationalization Demonstration Promotion Program, and is the base for the Program of Foreign Talents in Energy and Environmental Photocatalysis Innovation (111 Program)  

Fuzhou University has a strong foundation of scientific research. Now, it has 1 national university science park, 11 science and technology innovation platforms at the national level, and 74 science and technology innovation platforms at the ministerial and provincial level, among which there are 1 national key laboratory, 2 national engineering (technology) research centers, 3 international science and technology cooperation bases at the national level, 5 national & local joint engineering research centers (engineering laboratories), 3 key laboratories of Ministry of Education, and 1 engineering research center of Ministry of Education. Since the 12th Five-Year Plan, Fuzhou University has undertaken 2446 vertical scientific research projects, from which the research funds have totaled up to 909 million Chinese Yuan. Fuzhou University has won 70 ministerial and provincial awards for its natural science and technology achievements, and 2 awards of the national science and technology top three awards, i.e. National Natural Science Award, National Technology Invention Awards and National Science and Technology Progress Award. The number of national patent licensing reaches 1902, and 7046 scientific research papers have been included in SCI, EI, and ISTP. In addition, Fuzhou University has signed over 2000 technical contracts with businesses and organizations, from which the university has received funds as much as 650 million Chinese Yuan. Fuzhou University is the only university in Fujian Province that owns a national university science park and is a model institute for national technology transfer demonstration.

Fuzhou University has 2 national talents training bases, 7 national experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 national experimental zone for talent training model innovation, and 6 national engineering practice education centers collaborated with businesses. Fuzhou University is the university where the pilot reform of Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers Program organized by the Ministry of Education is carried out and where National College Students’ Innovative Entrepreneurial Training Program is implemented. In 2010, it became the pilot unit for the comprehensive reform of national professional degree graduate education, and one of the nation’s 50 universities that have undertaken postgraduate education innovation for masters of engineering.